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Operation Supernova
Operation Supernova Title Card
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 22b
Overall episode №: 22b
Original airdate: 10/5/12
Directed by: Ron Doucet
Written by: Andy Guerdat & Steve Sullivan
Storyboard: Mohan Subramaniam
Episode guide
A World Gone Rad-Awesome
Skaterz of Ollie

Operation Supernova is the second half of the 22nd episode of the first season of Wild Grinders.



  • On the Nicktoons website and Wikipedia, episode 18 makes mistakes that the two halves were named as A World Gone Rad-Awesome and Operation Supernova, instead of Substitute Secret Agent and Wild Scouts.
    • Both of these replaced both of the current halves of the 18th episode as the director have issues with the Nicktoons website and Wikipedia.


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