Never Skate with Unicorns
Never Skate with Unicorns Title Card
Season №: Season 1
Season episode №: 3a
Overall episode №: 3a
Original airdate: 5/11/12
Airing Time: 7:00 p.m.
Directed by: Ron Doucet
Written by: Christian Duguay
Storyboard: Mirco Chen
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Never Skate with Unicorns is the first half of the third episode of Wild Grinders first season.


As soon as Lil Rob and Meaty trying to destroy Patty's garden, Denise walked by and watches over them. Denise was able to bring Lil Rob's consequences, Goggles texted Denise. Denise explains the last time that Rob destroyed the garden with a bull. After Denise went to Fro-Yo Mama's Frozen Yougurt, Lil Rob decided to skate by taking out the trash with a wild landing, but stumbles off his board. Rob's board bounces inside the house, then almost break Jasper, Denise's prized glass unicorn. He almost panicked that Jasper is shattered and brittle into pieces, and tells Goggles about Jasper in the past.

Lil Rob decided to buy her a new one that just identical to him. So he helped his team to buy him a new Jasper, yet, Jack Knife was strapped by Spitball so he will never destroy any glass that the owner created. They've met the glassblower who created Jasper and met Denise. Rob shows him the profolio of Jasper, and Meaty showed the broken Jasper. The glassblower is shocked that Jasper died. Emo Crys really understand about Jasper's twin brother, Jamal, but was embarassed that he went to the female website about unicorns. Lil Rob promised the glassblower that he would sell him a bit of money, but the glassblower refuses him and kicked the others out. The Grinders made an idea that they wants Flipz to help them to buy them a new one, so he challenged her to S.K.A.T.E.

Flipz succeeds retrieving Jamal, and completes Lil Rob mission, but the glassblower caught Flipz and Lil Rob redhanded that she is from the Grinders. The four hurried back to home, as the glassblower chases them. Meanwhile, Denise bought her ice cream, before she stares at the other four Grinders, then leaves. Jay Jay texts that Denise is on her way. Back to Lil Rob's house, Meaty and Goggles are trapped, leaving Lil Rob independent, then achieved the trap to place Jamal to Jasper's place. Denise arrives home, but was suprisingly terrified that Jasper is "glass-napped". She and the parents grew disappointed, as Lil Rob commits the truth why he breaks Jasper on purpose. In the end Lil Rob is set onto punishment.

International Title

Country Dub Translation
Brazil Skate e Unicórnios Skate and Unicorns



  • This is the first episode to not have a Trick Your Mom Hates feature video.
  • Along with The Prince & the Skateboarder, Never Skate With Unicorns is posted in the Kabillion video section surprisingly. However, they are later removed, when Kabillion is renewed since April 2013.

Animation Errors

  • We can see the Glassblower's fingernails as his gloves are on in the first appearance.
  • Jay Jay's watch is swapped to his right wrist instead of left.
  • Goggles' skateboard wheels changes from blue to red in a few scenes. This includes the scenes where Goggles and Lil Rob arrive near the home and him going to Denise.
  • As the security system turn on, Goggles' helmet quickly switches to his regular knit cap, without having him manually taking off his helmet to put it on.


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Animation Errors