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Grinders of Invention
Grinders of Invention Title Card
Season №: Season 1
Season episode №: 14a
Overall episode №: 14a
Original airdate: September 7, 2012
Airing Time: 9:00 p.m. (Eastern), 6:00 p.m. (Pacific)
Directed by: Ron Doucet
Written by: Scott Grey
Storyboard: Patrick O'Callaghan
Episode guide
Meaty in Black
Lil Rob Roundup


Major Events

  • Goggles' Parents made their first appearance.

International Title

Country Dub Translation
Brazil Invenções Radicais Radical Inventions


  • Some minor characters and Goggles' parents are alike to Goggles, as they have big glasses and similar faces.
  • Like Goggles, Goggles' parents are voiced as Jimmy Benedict (Yuri Lothenwal).


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