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Birthplace Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality American
Eye Color black
Hair Color brown
Relative(s) Unknown
Appearance Out of Tune
Voice Actor Cam Clarke

Freddie is the minor character of the Wild Grinders TV series.


Gaining much strength and pride, Freddie works in a taco truck as a seller. He is always targeted by Denise, whom seems to have a crush on him.


Freddie's facial features include a handful of acne around his mouth, short hair with a dark brown hue, informally pale forest green eyes, gray earrings, and braces. He always dons his black-white cap backwards, but uses his helmet to skate. Freddie's vestments are a gray tank top, dark blue jeans, and gray-black tennis shoes. He has a gray watch on his left wrist and an icon that shows a taco with wheels on the center of his tank top.


  • The older version of the Wild Grinders website stated that Freddie is the leader of the Street Rats, albeit his team is absent in the entire series.
    • Squeak, re-dubbed as Spork, has also been stated that he have joined the Street Rats, though he and Freddie did not meet each other for the first time.