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Emo Crys
Emo Crys profile
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
AppearanceGolden Grinders
Voice ActorYuri Lowenthal (Jimmy Benedict, non-credited, Golden Grinders and The Lost Skate Spot)

Cam Clarke (TV series)

Emo Crys is one of the main characters of Wild Grinders.

"There's no use living. Really?... Break my board! Just break my board and leave me for dead!"
―Emo Crys, Golden Grinders
"I overcome with emotion. A moment please..."
―Emo Crys, Close-Up
"I've got the Grinder spirit! My blackened soul has found a moment of joy. And's gone."
―Emo Crys, Survivored


A deep and sensitive boy has the habit of adoring nature. His favorite entertainments are the unicorns, small creatures of the forest, and monster movies. He has a dislike of commercialism that was taking away his artwork. He can sometimes speak in a dramatic or poetic way of how the events came by. He sometimes can be over dramatic or using a meltdown, as for example, that his board was missing (which he does not remember that his board was imaginary). Emo Crys is always talented of creating street art by using spray cans in regulars ways or Gothic ways. Emo Crys was described to be "girl-crazy", making his reactions to get in a lovestruck and lust behavior. Emo Crys prefers to skate on mini ramps, banked walls, and sometimes rails.

In Grindermania, his musical instrument was the cowbell, which does not fit in the rock band. He also plays the clarinet in minority, as seen in Lil Rob Roundup.


Tv Series

Emo appears as a slightly pale-skinned boy with a simple black eye color with and almond-shaped eyes. He is shown having a black peakaboo haristyle, fitting for his "emo" personality. He wears a purple, black-striped shirt and light blue jeans. He also wears a gray scarf on his neck and gray shoes. Emo Crys' skateboard is precisely violet with a few crows.

In Biggest Sell-Out, Emo Crys wears a light-blue short-sleeved shirt with a Hank the Happy Hamster skateboard icon. He also wears a Happy Hamster cap and shoes.

In Neptune's Chowder, Emo Crys usually wears a tank top that have the same pattern as his original shirt. He wears shorts with ripped sections on each pant and the same color as his pants. His surfboard exactly has the same paterns as his skateboard.

In Grindermania, Emo Crys wears a black jacket with purple linings. Inside, Emo Crys usually wears a purple vest, black pants and shoes, but keeps his gray scarf.

In the second half of the Halloween special, Scream a Little Scream, Emo Crys' costume can be typically a fortune teller. Emo Crys has a red turban wrapped around on his head, and also wears a purple torso with a yellow collar with purple crescents in each. He usually keeps the scarf around his neck.

After Emo Crys was possesed by the Flaming Skull's ability, Emo Crys was a vampire. His skin was colored as pale blue and have fangs on his teeth (not noticing that they are fake one). Emo has a grey vest and a white shirt inside, contains a black-red cape around his neck. There was brown pacthes over his mouth, sleeves, and his grey scarf.

When Lil' Rob travels to another dimension in A World Gone Rad-Awesome, Emo Crys' has his opposite self as joyful and jolly. The opposite form has his peakaboo hairstyle missing and his right eye revealed fully. When morphed by Meaty, it takes Meaty's head and Emo Crys' full body.


The first merchandise appearance is known that Emo Crys wears a black shirt, mahogany scarf, and black pants. His shoes are white with black sections and soles.

Emo Crys is shown wearing a black tuxedo, along with a purple scarf. His shoes are purple, while the sections and soles are fully black.


  • On the old Wild Grinder website, Emo Crys' profile can show that he lives in China with his family. On the toyline box, the information introduces Emo Crys as Asian.
  • On the Nicktoons website in Emo Crys' profile, Emo Crys' eyes are brown instead of black; later, they are still black in the entire series.
  • Although Emo Crys adores some of the cute animals, he may sometimes deny his favor of unicorns, when the group is uncertain or not concerned about the unicorns.
  • Emo Crys can rarely giggle, smile, and excite himself. Humorously, Emo can be described as "perky" or "quirky".
  • Emo Crys has his own ID, but artistic style, in Biggest Sellout.
  • Emo dialogged " the dead!", as heard in Scream a Little Scream. This implies Emo Crys that he has a favor of Satanism, in order to bring something horrific.
  • There are some differences about Emo Crys's appearances on the old Wild Grinders website and the TV series:
    • Emo Crys, along with Jay Jay, take the role as "best friend" to Lil Rob in the old website, instead of Goggles.
    • Emo Crys is voiced as Yuri Lowenthal in Golden Grinders and The Lost Skate Spot, as non-credited. Emo Crys is constantly portrayed by Cam Clarke in the TV series, instead of Yuri Lowenthal, like on the two online episodes.
  • In Golden Grinders, Emo Crys have a likeness of money, as he understands himself that it was a favorite thing of him.
  • According to one of the fans' options, Emo Crys may have an unusual and similar appearance to an animated version of Machigerita.
  • Emo Crys may be the first character who quotes "Not buying it!", first told in Shark Attack, followed by Lil Rob, introduced in Grinder Claus.
  • Quick into earlier in Wikipedia, and suddendly in the informal Wild Grinders Wiki, Ben Landale's name in Emo Crys' article is seen mistakenly.
  • Emo Crys' left thumb is not tucked through his sleeve, as seen in the footer.



Crying Emo Crys
Crying Emo Crys
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