Do you have what it takes to be part of the Wild Grinders crew? We want to see your drawings and designs of what
YOUR custom Wild Grinder character would look like! The Top 10 submissions will be chosen by Wild Grinders Creative Director and Executive Producer, Tracy Tubera. They will then be uploaded to the official Wild Grinders facebook page to be voted on by the fans! The most design with the most likes and comments will receive a DC Shoes prize pack AND your custom character will be ‘Wild Grinderized’ by Tracy, himself! Who knows, you might even see your character in a future episode of Wild Grinders!!

Email your submissions to by Wednesday Aug 15th to be considered for the Top 10. Get your artist on and send in those characters!!


It's been before September 7th since the Wild Grinders TV series did not air any new episodes. So, Tracy Tubera and Rob Dyrdek decided to post a Wild Grinders fan character contest to see which character can be provided as the new Wild Grinder character.

Closing the ContestEdit

Here are the two winners of the Design a Wild Grinder Contest:

Best Male Character
created by Robdier Burgos

Best Female Character
created by Kelssie Guinn

Congratulations to the artists who have won the contest! The two characters will be in the future episodes.

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